1st Grade Homework

1st Grade 2019-2020 Mondays, 12:30-3:00
Instructor: Heather Villareal 

At Home Work for Week Eight (10/14)
Language Arts:
Sonlight First Grade LA – Week Eight Activities, Student Activity Sheets Week 8
Spelling Words – beds, led, egg, sells, them, then, less, pets, give, you
*for extra practice, circle the words that are already plural, and pluralize any of the other words you are able to make plural; feel free to use the spelling word list sheet that we started in class
Reading“Eggs” through “Ducks & a Chick”
Singapore Primary Math 1A – Unit 6 Part 1 “Numbers to 20: Counting & Comparing”
US Edition – p 54 – 61, workbook exercises 35-39
Standards Edition – p 62-69, workbook exercises 1-5 (p 89-100)
Birth of Rome, Fall of Nineveh, First Public Library
Timeline – 753 BC – Birth of Rome; 650 BC – 1st Public Library (Assyria); 612 BC – Fall of Nineveh
*no timeline figures provided, but please label these items/dates
Map – label the map of Italy, compare/contrast Rome then vs. Rome now (size/land)
Worksheet – read/review the legend of Remus & Romulus, have your child dictate a short summary (one or two phrases is fine) and record this on the sheet
How do Plants Drink (Celery Experiment) – use the experiment sheet to complete this
*you may substitute carnations or other light colored, leafy veggie for this, but celery will best allow you to cut the stalk and actually see the channels the water uses to travel up the plant
At Home Work for Week Seven (10/7)
Language Arts:
Sonlight First Grade LA – Week Seven Activities, Student Activity Sheets Week 7
Spelling Words – foxes, passes, puffs, taxes, kisses, me, we, she, be, for
Reading – “Bud & Jud” through “A Huff & a Puff”
Singapore Primary Math 1A – Unit 5, “Ordinal Numbers & Position”
US Edition – p52-53, workbook exercises 32-34
Standards Edition – p60-61, workbook exercises 2-3 (p 70-75), Reviews 1-3 (p 76-78)
Spartans & Athenians; Ancient Greece
Timeline – 776 BC – 1st Olympics/1st Olympiad
(review Olympics info sheet as desired, color Olympic rings on back)
Worksheet – Acropolis Comprehension worksheet
Tissue Trick & Magic Pot – use experiment sheet to complete these two experiments