1st Grade Homework

1st Grade 2019-2020 Mondays, 12:30-3:00
Instructor: Heather Villareal 

At Home Work for Week 14 (12/2)
Language Arts
Sonlight First Grade Language Arts — Week 14 Activities & Activity Sheets
Spelling Words — crib, crop, drink, drum, grass, grin, drill, grip, put, my
ReadingThe Bug Cup through Lots of Bugs to Nab!
None scheduled for the break

Christmas Around the World Booklet — read the passages in the book and answer the corresponding questions/fill in the blanks on the corresponding country page; complete the “My Family Tradition” page at the back.

This is an optional activity that I thought might be fun for over the break. 

At Home Work for Week 13 (Nov 18)
Language Arts
Sonlight First Grade Language Arts — Week 13 Activities & Activity Sheets
Spelling Words — think, plan, plus, skip, slap, bunk, junk, plot, sled, should, could
Reading — The Slick Sled through A Bad Plug? 
Extra — blends worksheet(s) — ignore the “spin & color” portion and simply have your child color the pictures based on their beginning blend sound, according to the color chart/key. 
Singapore Math 1A — Unit 8: Length, Unit 9: Weight
US Edition — p 78-88,  workbook exercise 56-61
Standards Edition — p 91-101, workbook exercises 1-3 (p 150-156) & 1-3 (p 157-162)
Timeline — 490 BC — Battle of Marathon (write it on)
Map — use Google Maps to compare distances from your home to familiar places (school, church, extra curricular activities, etc.) and to find a route that is 26 miles (the distance from Marathon to Athens; the length of a modern day marathon race)
Print one of these maps and trace the length, finding the route you might use to run it if you were to run a marathon. Consider using Google Maps to also print/look at the route from Marathon to Athens (Greece) as well.
Health Unit 6 — finish the health worksheets sent home
Thanksgiving — thankfulness coloring page, Thanksgiving flip book, Thanksgiving word puzzle
At Home Work for Week 12 (Nov 11)
Language Arts
Sonlight First Grade Language Arts — Week 12 Activities & Activity Sheets
Spelling Words — black, click, flag, glad, glass, clap, flat, clock, here, way
ReadingThe BB Gun through A Bad Shot?
Singapore Primary Math 1A — Unit 7: Shapes: Common Shapes
US Edition — p 68-77, workbook ex. 50-55

Standards Edition — p79-90, workbook ex 1-7 (p132-149)

**PLEASE See the follow-up email that was sent regarding an adjusted schedule for this week. Thank you!**

Veteran’s Day – discuss Veteran’s Day & any wars in as much/little detail as you are comfortable with for your child; discuss any veterans in the family that you may have
Timeline – you may write in the following events/rulers (there are not premade figures):
Athens — 
600 BC – Code of Draco; Solons Laws
560 BC – Pisistratus
510 BC – Cleisthenes
Review what makes a law just or unjust, discuss current laws/rules and why they are just or unjust. 
Rome —
509 BC – Tarquin driven out of Rome; Rome became a Republic
458 BC – Cincinnatus served as emergency “dictator” in Rome and then returned to his farm
Dictator, in this case, means a person who led the army in a time of danger
Health Unit 5 (we are skipping Unit 4) – complete the health worksheets that were sent home, about when to call 911, who is a stranger, etc. The cover sheet could be removed and hung on the fridge (or a similar one created) for home emergency reference (with phone numbers, address, etc.). 
At Home Work for Week 11 (Nov. 4)
Language Arts
Sonlight First Grade Language Arts – Week 11 Activities & Activity Sheets
Spelling Words – back, neck, fall, rock, wall, pick, sack, ducks, three, four
Reading –  Hot Dogs through All in One Tent!
Singapore Primary Math 1 – Numbers to 20: Addition & Subtraction
US Edition – p 67, workbook exercises 46-49
Standards Edition – p75-78, workbook exercises 11-15 (p 114-123)
(skip Review 4 & 5 unless your student needs the extra practice)
Map – on the map of China, find and label: Yellow River (Huang River), Long River (Yangtze River), the Himalaya mountains, the Gobi Desert, and the Pacific Ocean. These are all reasons why China was so isolated a civilization early on.
Timeline – there are assorted timeline figures that were sent home (a full sheet) that can be added; topics covered today that can be added:
1st Date in Chinese History
Chinese begin weaving silk
First Kite
Shang Dynasty
Magnetic Compass
First Chinese Language Dictionary
Inventions – complete the Inventions Sort worksheet that was sent home (cut/paste the terms & definitions)
Complete the Food Groups booklet that was sent home
Over the next few weeks (please don’t try to do all of these activities in one week!), try the various experiments/suggestions in the Physical Fitness booklet that was sent home.
We did “The Nose Knows” today in class with pear/apple/potato, but feel free to repeat it with flavors of yogurt if you wish.