1st Grade Homework

1st Grade 2020-2021 Mondays, 12:30-3:00
Instructor: Heather Villareal 

Week 4 — 9/21

Language Arts
Sonlight First Grade Language Arts — Student Activity Sheets Week 4 Activities
Spelling Words — did, big, him, pin, lip, fix, fill, was, do, go
*remind your child it is the “PIN” type of pin, not “PEN” type of pen this week
Reading — (I Can Read it Book 1) — “A Pig Pit” through “Was Tim Bad?”
Extras — none this week

Singapore Primary Math 1A — Unit 3.1 & 3.2  Addition: Making Addition Stories;
 Addition w/Number Bonds
Standards Edition — Textbook pages 26-34, Workbook Exercises 1-5 (p25-37)
US Edition — Textbook pages 24-32, Workbook Exercises 12-17

Exodus/10 Commandments worksheet/notebook page — use a Bible to gather info & discuss
Timeline — the figures will all come from the extra pages that don’t have dates
Abraham —  1900 BC (marks when he moved from Ur to Canaan)
Joseph — 1700 BC — (marks when Israel was formed, when his family returned to Egypt in the famine)
Moses/slavery of the Israelites — in the time leading up to 1300 BC, so 1380-1300 BC to get Moses’ age right
Exodus (and 10 Commandments) — approx. 1300 BC (the start of the Exodus ~1300 BC; the 10 Commandments would be somewhere w/in the next 40 years, so the exact placement is up to you)
Joshua & the Promised Land — 1260 BC — be sure and highlight the 40 YEARS it took the Israelites wandering in the desert/wilderness
*feel free to place the other Biblical figures in/around those times as well; we did not discuss all of them in detail, but feel free to look up dates for the others and place them if you wish 

Science — 
Vanishing Water experiment (in folder)
Water Cycle info sheet (in folder; just a reference tool)
Extras — Autumn booklet (in folder)

Week 3 — 9/14

Language Arts 
Sonlight First Grade Language Arts — Student Activity Sheets Week 3
Spelling Words — pass, wax, nap, bag, rag, lap, map, he to, said
Reading  (I Can Read It book 1) — “Jan, Nan, and Matt” through “Can Sam Win?”
Extras –– none this week

Singapore Primary Math 1A — Unit 2: Section 1b — Making Number Stories (“What are the missing numbers?”)
US Edition — Textbook p 22-23, Workbook Exercise 10-11
Standards Edition — Textbook p 24-25, Workbook Exercises 6-7 (page 20-24)

Timeline — Hammurabi’s Reign (p 44), Tower of Babel (extra sheet), Ten Commandments (extra sheet)
Eclipse Worksheet — the students only need to color the shadows, NOT answer the questions
Optional — Eclipse Experiment sheet

none this week (see History for optional Eclipse experiment)

Week 2 — 8/31

Language Arts
Sonlight First Grade Language Arts — Student Activity Sheets Week 2 Activities
Spelling Words — as, has, man, ran, dad, had, and, that, his, not
Reading — I Can Read it Book 1 — “Nat is Bad” through “Bad Jam”
Extras — none this week

Math (use the page numbers from whichever version you have)
Singapore Primary Math 1A — Unit 2: Number Bonds – Making Number Stories 
US Edition — Textbook pages 16-21, Workbook exercises 5-9
Standards Edition — Textbook pages 18-23, Workbook exercises 1-5 (workbook pages 15-19)

Timeline Figures — Rosetta Stone (use a blank), Menes (p 29),  Pyramids (p 29),
Find and add the figures to the timeline; be sure and add to the BC portion.
Optional — Pyramids comprehension worksheet (read to/with your child, and have him/her answer the questions at the end)
Optional — for more info on the Rosetta Stone, you may explore the link below. Also, you may choose to date it either when it was found (1799 AD) or with the date of the decree it conveys (196 BC) https://www.history.com/news/what-is-the-rosetta-stone

note: the kids brought home a timeline folder/book in their backpack today, complete with all the figures we will use (and extras); sometimes a specific figure won’t be included, but there are blanks that can be used.  When possible I will reference the page number that is on the printed figures; feel free to add extras that we don’t specifically cover (for ex, this week you could choose to add papyrus as well, and mummies, both also on the sheet labeled “page 29”)

Loading Boats experiment — activity sheet in folder with directions — test multiple items and load with marbles (coins, legos, other small identical objects) and see if your boat(s) can hold more in fresh water or salt water. Complete the experiment and add to the science notebook when finished.

Week 1 – 8/24

Language Arts 
Sonlight First Grade Language Arts — Student Activity Sheets Week 1 Activities
Spelling Words — bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, pat, rat, sat, vat, the
Reading — I Can Read It Book 1 — “Pat” through “A Flat Hat”
Extras — Capitalization editing worksheet (optional)

Because both the Standards Edition and the US Edition are readily available, and are identical except for page numbering, depending where you purchased, you may have either version. As such, I will always list the page numbers for both, please follow the one that applies to you. It should say on the front cover which one you have. 

Singapore Primary Math 1A — Unit 1:1 Numbers 0-10: Counting
Standards Edition — Textbook p 8-17, Workbook Exercises 1-4 (p 7-14)
US Edition — Textbook p 6-15, Workbook Exercises 1-4

review BC vs AD
will set up timeline next week in class

Scientific Method Worksheet
Sinks or Floats — test various objects around the house for what will sink & what will float; make guesses, and record items & answers (sinks/floats) on the recording sheet in the homework folder