1st Grade Homework

1st Grade 2019-2020 Mondays, 12:30-3:00
Instructor: Heather Villareal 

At Home Work for Week 17 (1/20)

Language Arts
Sonlight First Grade Language Arts — Week 17 Activities & Activity Sheets
Spelling Words — stem, twig, swim, twin, step, still, stuck, stop, what, who
Reading — Book 3, first 5 stories/sections

Singapore Math 1B, “Numbers to 40: Counting”
US Edition — Textbook p 18-25, Workbook Exercises 10-15
Standards Edition —  Textbook p 22-29, Workbook Exercises 1-6 (Workbook p 30-39)

Martin Luther King, Jr “Flip Book” and Timeline cut/paste 
*parents, this does include a single sentence referencing that Dr. King was assassinated; for this reason, I chose to send this home to be completed with parents. In class we went over the I Had a Dream speech (briefly) and booklet, and discussed Dr. King’s work to gain fair treatment for all, and did the crafts that were sent home, showing how we each can make the world better ourselves “with our own 2 hands” and that together, all of us spread love & unity, and the world is more beautiful with all of us represented, and with as much variety as possible.

Complete filling out the Magnets experiment book, try the “Make a Compass” experiment at the end of the book. 
Results were as follows:
Station 2 — YES – paper (25 pages), notebook, cup of water, plastic lid; NO – table
Station 3 — 3 rectangles labeled S—N-S—-N-S—-N showing the opposite poles linked/attraction
Station 4 — 2 circle magnets around a pencil, with a good space between as one “floated” above the other, with the inside of each labeled one with N and one with N, showing that same poles repel
Station 5 — the U part of the magnet held 0 paper clips, and the ends of the magnet held 66 paper clips, showing that a magnet is strongest at its poles

At Home Work for Week 16 (1/13)

Language Arts
Sonlight First Grade Language Arts — Week 16 Activities & Activity Sheets
Spelling Words — smell, snip, snug, speck, scab, spell, spot, spun, also now
Reading —  finish the stories in I Can Read It! Book 2

Singapore Math 1B
US Edition — Textbook p 14-17, Workbook Exercises 7-9
Standards Edition — Textbook p 16-1`, Workbook Exercises 1-3 (p 19-29)

Map of Alexander the Great’s empire, review the info sheet on Alexander the Great

Magnet strength — find a magnet at home to test as well as the ones we tested in class (a fridge magnet works well); to test, place a paper clip at the edge of a ruler and slowly move the magnet closer and closer until the paper clip “jumps” to the magnet. Try this along a table top and from a table up (vertical).

You can also experiment with other objects — do other items react any differently? 

At Home Work for Week 15 (1/6)

Language Arts 
Sonlight First Grade Language Arts — Week 15 Activities & Activity Sheets
Spelling Words — bring, frog, press, trap, truck, prop, brag, trip, prod, some
ReadingCrab Pals through A Trunk of Gems
Singapore Math 1B 
US Edition –  p 6-13, workbook exercises 1-6
Standards Edition – p 8-15, workbook exercises 1-6 (pages 7-18)
Socrates worksheet(s)
Greek Columns worksheets/booklet
Timeline — I did not send home a timeline figure, but you may add “Golden Age of Greece” 480-430 BC to the timeline if you wish
Will it Stick? worksheet/experiment
At Home Work for Week 14 (12/2)
Language Arts
Sonlight First Grade Language Arts — Week 14 Activities & Activity Sheets
Spelling Words — crib, crop, drink, drum, grass, grin, drill, grip, put, my
ReadingThe Bug Cup through Lots of Bugs to Nab!
None scheduled for the break
Christmas Around the World Booklet — read the passages in the book and answer the corresponding questions/fill in the blanks on the corresponding country page; complete the “My Family Tradition” page at the back.This is an optional activity that I thought might be fun for over the break.