1st Grade Homework

1st Grade 2019-2020 Mondays, 12:30-3:00
Instructor: Heather Villareal 

At-Home Work for Week One (8/19)
Language Arts:
Sonlight 1st Grade Language Arts Student Activity Sheet Week 1 — copywork 1, capitalization, copywork 2, optional: “Pat the Rat” Story
Spelling Words: bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, pat, rat, sat, vat, the
To practice the spelling words, you may use the sheets that were sent home (picture writing, sentences) or any means of practicing the words. Ideally, you would have your student copy the words 3x/week and then test them on the words on Friday.
Reading (I Can Read It! Book One): Pat through A Flat Hat
For reading, one story per day is ideal. I will periodically send home a reading log to complete as well, highlighting different aspects of story/reading comprehension.
Math: Singapore Primary Math 1A Textbook Unit 1, Workbook exercises 1 through 4
History: Review the timeline entries from today (writing first appeared, 3200 BC; Pharaoh Menes, first known Pharaoh of Egypt, 3000 BC) (in the blue folder sent home today)
Identify & color Egypt on the map (Continents Book, sent home in blue folder)
Label/mark India (Sanskrit), Egypt (hieroglyphics), and Mesopotamia/Sumeria (cuneiform) (you may need to reference a Bible map for this)
Science: Complete any missing pages/info in the Science notebook started today. Parents need to sign the Lab Safety sheet (should be glued into the front of the notebook; if not, please check your child’s folder & glue it in place).
Experiments with Water: try other shapes of containers to observe how water not only stays level at the top, but does change shape to any shape of container; draw what you observe in the science notebook
You may also choose to finish any worksheets not completed during class.