About CPC

Our mission is to provide Christian worldview classes for the homeschool community.

We believe parents have the God-given right to educate their children at home. We
support their endeavors by offering a classroom setting to home school students.
Although home schools are classified as private schools in Texas, all educational
responsibility ultimately belongs to the parents, including transcripts.

At CPC, Christ, the Creator and Author of life, is the center of learning and the constant in
all we teach. We believe in challenging students in order to prepare them for the future as
independent, thoughtful, and effective members of society.

Our teachers, as independent contractors, are qualified and invested in offering a quality
educational experience. Class participation, discussion, collaboration, presentations, and
projects are emphasized. Students will attend class each week and are expected to
complete assignments at home independently. Parents follow up with daily supervision,
guidance, and accountability. Together, teachers and parents communicate and support
one another for the benefit of the student.

Christian Perspectives Classes began as a ”true” co-op of families from pre-K through
sixth grade in 2001. Since 2004, we have been meeting at
Friendship Community Bible
thanks to the kindness and support of Pastor Bobby Hamilton and his wonderful

Days & Times:  Mondays and Wednesdays (8:30-4:00)

Class size: Each class ranges from 5-22 students.

Directors: Sheila Kleinhenz, Dee Pendergast, and Ruthie Taft

Board Members – CPC has a board composed of 7 members who have committed to two years of service. We are extremely grateful to each of them as they volunteer their time and service to our community. Our dedicated board members are:

Sheila Kleinhenz
Dee Pendergast
Sue Stanley
Andrea Sylve
Ruthie Taft
Deb Whaley
Kathy Zimmerman