CPC is a family-oriented, home-centered Christian worldview homeschool community.  We’ve been partnering with homeschooling families for over twenty years.  Our teachers are dedicated to helping your child succeed in his educational endeavors.  We are centrally located in the heart of Sugar Land, easily accessible from Highway 6, I-69 and Alt 90.

No, each family makes the decision as to which of our classes is needed for each child.  Students can take all their core and extracurricular classes at CPC or just one. 

CPC parents are ultimately responsible for their child’s education. Parents are highly encouraged to choose each of their student’s classes carefully. Parents will support their students by making all necessary resources available, offering support through accountability, and acting as mentor.  We feel that one of the most important ingredients in the success of a homeschool student is having an available parent who can assist and properly work with them. 

The longevity of CPC is just one benefit. Others include: encouraging parental involvement through strong family support; providing caring, qualified teachers who are committed to your child’s success; maintaining low student/teacher ratio; utilizing effective curricula; maintaining cost-effective tuition; emphasizing strong work ethic; and helping parents build Godly character.

Yes. CPC instructors issue grades quarterly for middle and high school students.

No. CPC is a cooperative and a homeschool resource, not a school. Teachers do not archive any class records, so it is very important that parents save grade reports for their student’s school record and transcript.  CPC offers parents transcript assistance and examples when needed.

When unavoidable events occur and prevent your student from attending class, please notify your child’s teacher(s) as soon as possible by email or text. The student must make arrangements to complete all missed assignments.  Please see our Parent/Student Handbook for more information.

No, CPC is not equipped to handle special needs.  However, our teachers can assess your student to see if their class is compatible for the student and their needs. 

Yes, study hall is currently free to all students who attend CPC.  CPC offers this service to students who are attending one or more classes for the day.

Although uniforms are not required, clothing worn on campus will be conservative and not distracting to others. Please see the Parent/Student Handbook for more detailed information.

Yes, CPC requires families to read and sign the Statement of Faith at registration. 

Yes, CPC teachers and directors are an excellent source of information, and we are available to help our families navigate their homeschool journey. We strongly encourage connecting with the community of homeschool families to ensure your success. 

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