Below is explanation of Tuition and fees for the 2016-2017. There are a few changes for the coming year due to the changes in our internal structure. Please read carefully before registering.

  1. Fundraising – We will have one mandatory fundraiser a year when all students will participate and sell a minimum of $50 of the product for sale. There will be an “opt out” option, in which the family decides to pay $30 per student and not sell the product. The fundraiser will be in the fall. The funds collected will help cover the costs of insurance, incorporation, background checks for teachers and volunteers and other related expenses.
  2. Registration: This is a one time fee per family. It helps cover expenses related to Incorporation, taxes, book-keeping, and administration.
    Early registration – $25 (ends June 30)
    Regular Registration – $45 (after June 30)
  3. Building Fee – found on the Registration form
    These fees are for administrative expenses incurred by the Registrar, and use of the church building, paid annually in August. These checks are deposited immediately upon receipt.

    • Total building fees due at Orientation in August for entire year. 1/2 due with registration in June / July, with the last 1/2 due at Orientation in August.
    •  Make ONE check payable to Christian Perspectives Classes (CPC) for all students, all classes.
    •  $50 per student per class (not to exceed $100 per student for multiple classes)  per year
    • Fees are pro-rated if students join for the Spring Semester. $25 per student per class not to exceed $50 per student.
    •  This fee includes all students taking any classes at CPC.
    •  For classes dropped or if classes are cancelled before the first day of class, a refund will be issued, less a $3 processing fee. If classes are dropped after the first day of class, no refunds can be issued, as Building Fees are already paid to FCBC.

    4.  Class Supply Fees  – This is used by the teachers for supplies needed to run the classes, activities, labs, experiments, copies, technology, etc., in addition to holding the student’s spot in class.

    • Due at registration and are NON-refundable.
    • Supply fees range from $40-100, and are determined by teachers based on class needs.
    • Supply fees are paid to the teachers annually with registration for each class (multiple classes require a check for each teacher).
    • They will be cashed by teachers upon receipt.

5. Class Tuition: All classes are teacher paid classes. Below are the fees for 2016-2017:

ART – Susan Jaroszewski – $50
DRAMA – Beth Zimmerman – $35
PIANO – Jean Choleva – $60
GUITAR – Christopher White- $60

KINDERGARTEN – Alicia Searl- $50
FIRST GRADE – Ruthie Ammons – $50
SECOND GRADE – Ruthie Ammons – $60
3-4 IEW WRITING – Dee Pendergast – $40
5-6 IEW WRITING & GRAMMAR – Kathy Zimmerman – $40
3-4 HISTORY – Cheryl Hochstettler – $40
5-6 HISTORY – Cheryl Hochstettler – $40
3-4 SCIENCE – Andrea Sylve – $40
5-6 SCIENCE – Andrea Sylve – $40

9-12 SPANISH 1, 2, or 3 – Brenda Lau – $50
WORLDVIEW OF WW 1 – Mrs. Zimmerman – $60
WORLDVIEWS OF WW 3 – Mrs. Zimmerman – $65
7-8 LANGUAGE ARTS – Ingrid Stassi – $50
9-10 COMPOSITION – Ingrid Stassi – $50
ADVANCED COMPOSITION – Ingrid Stassi – $50
7-8 AMERICAN HISTORY – Mrs. Hochstettler – $50
9-12 AMERICAN GOV’T – Dee Pendergast – $50
9-12 ECONOMICS  – Dee Pendergast – $50
ALGEBRA 1/2  – Ruthie Taft – $50  (not offered 2016-2017)
ALGEBRA 1 – Ruthie Ammons- $50
GEOMETRY – Sue Stanley – $50
ALGEBRA 2 – Sue Stanley – $55
ADVANCED MATH – Sue Stanley – $55 (not offered 2016-2017)
CALCULUS – Sue Stanley – $65 (not offered 2016-2017)
7-8 LIFE SCIENCE – Ruthie Ammons – $50
9 IPC – Paul Jozwiak – $50
10 BIOLOGY – Lexi Gibson- $50
10-12 MARINE Science – Paul Jozwiak – $55
11- CHEMISTRY- Kristen Edmunds, – $55
  • Class Tuition is paid directly to the teacher for each class. Tuition is based upon a yearly fee and is to be paid in full in Aug. at a 5% discount, or monthly, divided into 10 equal payments. Monthly payments are due on the first Monday of each month from August to May.
  •  Teacher fees range from $400-$700 per year, plus class supply fees, depending on the class and subject.
  • Class Tuition is NOT based upon the student’s attendance, but is an agreement for payment parents enter into upon registration for classes. This agreement is for services rendered by the teacher throughout the year. There are no refunds for student absences.

*Class Cancellation Policy:
While we do not anticipate class cancellations due to natural disasters or family emergencies, refunds are not given in these cases. Teachers will make every effort to find substitutes, but when this is not possible, classes will be cancelled and families notified. Teachers will follow up with assignments and necessary information.

 *Dropped Classes
For classes dropped before the school year begins, Registration and Supply Fees are non-refundable. Building Fees will be reimbursed less a $3 processing fee,. Any Teacher Tuition paid will be reimbursed. For classes dropped after the school begins, the Building Fee is non-refundable. Classes dropped after Oct. 1 are subject to a month’s teacher tuition.