Apologia General Science 2022-2023

Wednesdays, 1:00-3:00

Instructor:  Ruthie Ammons    reammons@gmail.com 713-231-7733

Class Tuition:  $650 per year or $65 per month for 10 months

Supply Fee:  $60 per year, due at registration

*NOTE: There is a minimum of 5 students required for this class to progress; maximum is 16.

Course Description: Designed to be a student’s first systematic introduction to the sciences, Exploring Creation with General Science explores topics such as the scientific method, designing experiments, simple machines, geology, archaeology, biology, anatomy and other disciplines, providing a wide range of scientific exposure. Looking at the world from a creationist position, topics are all presented with an eye towards God’s role in everyday life. Almost every class day will include hands-on experiments, giving students practical experience as they discover the principles behind the science.

Required Materials:
Exploring Creation with General Science Textbook, 3rd edition
Exploring Creation with General Science, 3rd Edition, Student Notebook

Supplies: Binder with a set of 5 tab dividers, notebook paper, writing utensils, note cards (optional for those who like to study vocabulary words like flash cards)