5-6 Science 2023-2024

Mondays, 10:30 – 12:00

Instructor: Andrea Sylve asylve@hotmail.com

Class Tuition: $550 per year or 10 equal installments of $55

Supply Fee: $70 per year, due at registration

Instructor accepts: cash, check, PayPal, and Zelle

*NOTE: There is a minimum of 8 students required for this class to progress; maximum is 16.

Course Description: This is an activity driven class, with a focus on in-class experiments and activities to enrich the reading and learning at home. Tests will also be taken at home. The curriculum, Bob Jones Science 6, covers topics such as earthquakes and volcanoes, weather and erosion, natural resources, cells, scientific classification, atoms and molecules, the solar system, and genetics. Your child will consider each topic within a biblical worldview and will develop critical thinking skills along with other science process skills such as classifying, inferring, communicating, measuring, experimenting, and collecting and recording data.

Required Materials:
BJ Science 6 Student Text (4th ed.) ISBN-13: 9781606822067 or 9781628568745
BJ Science 6 Activities Manual (4th ed.) ISBN-13: 9781606822173
Science 6 Test Pack (4th ed.) ISBN-13: 9781606822197

Colored pencils, scissors, glue, loose leaf paper in a 1” three ring binder with interior pockets, 5-tab dividers, 2 sharpened pencils, 15 standard mailing envelopes (No. 10)