Middle School Math

Middle School Math 2021-2022

Wednesdays, 9:00 – 10:30 AM

Instructor: Ruthie Taft       ruffage01@gmail.com

Class Tuition: $450 per year or 10 equal installments of $45

Supply Fee: $45 per year, due at registration

*NOTE: There is a minimum of 5 students required for this class to progress; maximum is 12.

*****Before registering for this class, your student will need to complete a required placement test found here: https://www.sonlight.com/uploads/saxon_middle_placement.pdf (Please, no calculators or parent help). Upon completion, please email the test to the teacher to grade and review. This will help to determine the student’s level of mastery and if your student is ready for this class.*****

Course Description: We are using Saxon 7/6, which is a 6th -7th grade curriculum. Building upon the principles taught in Saxon Math 6/5, the Saxon 7/6 textbook introduces functions and coordinate graphing, integers, exponential expressions, and prime factorization. Students will specifically learn about the order of operations, number lines, decimal place value, how to find the percent of a number, how to round decimal numbers, attributes of geometric solids, and more.

Although class time with the teacher will consist of learning new concepts, reviewing missed homework problems, and practicing and applying learned math concepts, this class requires parental support. Parents will be responsible for the following: 1) Giving students daily fact sheets (except for Monday) and check. 2) Grading homework upon completion – students will need IMMEDIATE feedback if they’ve worked a problem incorrectly, so they don’t continue to do so. 3) Proctor (NOT GRADE) tests every other week. Students should be expected to work on assignments at home at least 4 days each week.

Required Materials: Saxon Math Homeschool 7/6 4th edition – student text, test and worksheets booklet, and solutions manual

Supplies: notebook paper, pencils, eraser, 2″ binder with dividers