3-4 Language Arts

3-4 IEW Grammar and Writing 2018-2019

Mondays, 10:30 – 12:00

Instructor:  Dee Pendergast      d.pend4@gmail.com

Class Tuition:  $450 per year, or 10 equal installments of $45

Supply Fee:  $30 per year, due at registration

*NOTE: There is a minimum of 5 students required for this class to progress; maximum is 15.

Course Description:   We will use IEW’s Fix It! Grammar, The Nose Tree.  As students learn concepts each week, they search for and correct errors within a passage.  Then they rewrite it correctly.  This allows the students to apply their grammar knowledge in context.

We will use All Things Fun & Fascinating.  IEW’s Student Writing Intensive lays a solid foundation of writing skills.  Students will learn how to effectively use a wide range of structural models and stylistic techniques in their compositions, as they write on a variety of enjoyable fiction and non-fiction topics.   Students will take notes, summarize narrative stories, write from pictures, put together a mini research report, and compose creative essays.

Students should be expected to work on assignments at home at least 4 days each week.

Materials Needed:
*Fix It! Grammar, The Nose Tree Student Book- $15 http://iew.com/shop/products/fix-it-grammar-nose-tree-student-book-1
*All Things Fun & Fascinating – $29 http://www.iew.com/shop/products/all-things-fun-fascinating
3-Ring Binder