Tuition and Fees for the 2022-2023 year are below. Please read carefully before registering.

Registration Fee

• This is an annual family fee paid to CPC. It helps cover administrative expenses.
• Early registration – $40 (ends June 30)
• Regular Registration – $60 (after June 30)
• This fee is NON-refundable, unless the class does not meet its minimum class size.

Building Fee

• This fee is paid to CPC and is for the use of the church building and administrative expenses incurred by registrar. Checks are deposited immediately upon receipt. Families have the option to pay half with registration and the last half at Orientation in August.
• Building fees are $60 per class, per student (not to exceed $120 per student) per year.
• If students join for the Spring Semester, the fee will be $30 per class, per student (not to exceed $60 per student).
• If a student withdraws before the first day of class, fees will be refunded.
• If a student withdraws after the first day of class, fees will NOT be refunded, as building fees will have already been paid to FCBC.

Class Supply Fee

• This fee is paid to the teachers for supplies needed to teach their classes and to provide activities, labs, experiments, copies, technology, etc. It also guarantees the student’s place in class.
• Supply fees are paid to the teachers with registration for each class.
• Supply fees range from $25-105 and are determined by teachers based on class needs. See class description for fee amount.
• Teachers may cash checks upon receipt.
• These fees are due at registration and are NON-refundable.


We will have one mandatory fundraiser per year where all students will participate and sell the required minimum of the product for sale. There will be an “opt out” option. The funds collected will help cover the additional costs of insurance, background checks for teachers and volunteers and other related expenses.

Class Tuition

• Our teachers are independent contractors. Class tuition is paid directly to the teacher.
• Tuition is listed as an annual fee. For your convenience, payments can be divided into 10 equal monthly installments. Monthly payments are due on the first Monday and/or first Wednesday of each month from August to May.
• Class Tuition is NOT based upon the student’s attendance, but it is an agreement that parents enter into upon registration for classes. This agreement is for services rendered by the teacher throughout the year. There are no refunds for student absences.
• In the event of teacher illness, family emergency, or other unforeseen issue, teachers may find a substitute, schedule a makeup, or reorganize the class to cover required material.
• In the event that all CPC classes need to be cancelled (ex. weather-related emergency), teachers may schedule a make-up or reorganize the class to cover required material. Refunds will not be given when an emergency occurs requiring a cancellation of all CPC classes.

Kinder – 2nd Grade Supply Fees Yearly Tuition
Kindergarten $70 $800
1st Grade $70 $800
2nd Grade $70 $800
3-4 Classes Supply Fees Yearly Tuition
3-4 History $50 $550
3-4 Language Arts $30 $550
3-4 Science $60 $550
5-6 Classes Supply Fees Yearly Tuition
5-6 History $50 $550
5-6 Language Arts $105 $550
5-6 Science $70 $550
Middle School Math (year 1 & 2) $50 $550
7-8 Classes Supply Fees Yearly Tuition
7-8 History $60 $650
7-8 Language Arts $75 $650
7-8 Science $60 $650
Algebra 1/2 $50 $650
Fine Arts Supply Fees Yearly Tuition
Digital Art $25 $600
Traditional Art $25 $600
Intro to Drama $80 $550
Advanced Drama $80 $550
Guitar Lessons $100 $750/30-min
Piano Lessons $100 $750/30-min
HS English/Humanities Supply Fees Yearly Tuition
WV1 $85 $750
WV3 $90 $800
Creative Writing $50 $650
HS History & Electives Supply Fees Yearly Tuition
Cultural Geography $60 $650
American Government (one-semester) $30 $650
Economics (one-semester) $30 $650
Leadership Development $50 $550
Speech $55 $400
HS Math Supply Fees Yearly Tuition
Algebra 1 $50 $650
Geometry $30 $650
Algebra II $30 $650
Pre-Calculus $30 $700
HS Science Supply Fees Yearly Tuition
IPC $65 $650
Biology $80 $650
Marine Science $100 $650
Chemistry Lab (only) $40 $650
Chemistry Lecture (only) $35 $650
Chemistry Lab & Lecture (combo) $75 $850
Physics Lab (only) $40 $650
Physics Lecture (only) $35 $650
Physics Lab & Lecture (combo) $75 $850
Spanish Supply Fees Yearly Tuition
Middle School Spanish $50 $600
Spanish I $60 $650
Spanish II $60 $650