Starting Points 2023-2024

Mondays, 1:00-3:00

Instructor: Kathy Zimmerman (B.A. English)

Class Tuition: $750 per year or 10 equal installments of $75

Supply Fee: $85 per year, due at registration

Instructor accepts: cash, check, Venmo, and Zelle

*NOTE: There is a minimum of 6 students required for this class to progress.

Course Description: This class is an integrated study of English (literature and writing), History (American), and Biblical Thinking (Bible studies, Worldviews, Philosophy, and Theology). Three credits will be given upon completion of this class.

Starting Points is the biblical worldview primer. It is the first place to begin. The purpose of this study is to establish the biblical world view in the hearts and minds of your children. It lays the solid foundation for their own personal lives. It also provides a compass for giving direction in the evaluation of all the ideas that will confront them in life. And finally, this study is an excellent preparatory course for World Views of the Western World.

PART 1: Building the Biblical World View — An inductive Bible study answering the seven worldview questions lays the foundation of the Biblical worldview for your children. (Weeks 1 through 9.)

PART 2: Examining Literature from the Biblical World View — Going beyond plot, character, and theme in this section of Starting Points your children will learn how to examine the world view of an author of literature or producer of film to determine if the ideas contained within the story are consistent with the Biblical world view. (Weeks 10 through 18.)

PART 3: Speaking the Biblical World View into the Culture — Learning to give a reasoned response explaining the Biblical world view to those living in the 21st century. We are to be ‘lights’ living in the midst of our culture. This section will not only help your children in this regard, but also build their own faith in Jesus Christ! (Weeks 19 through 27.)

PART 4: Applying the Biblical World View to a Nation— A study of the thoughts and ideas surrounding the beginning of our nation. No other modern nation has had such a beginning. (Weeks 28 through 36.)

In addition to the rich material studied in the Starting Points Curriculum, writing skills will be developed through the Institute for Excellence writing program, Student Writing Intensive Level C.

Homework: 4-6 hours/week

Required Materials:
STUDENT WRITING INTENSIVE LEVEL C PACKET ONLY (provided by instructor) AND a 3 ring binder with 5 dividers and looseleaf paper AND the following materials from Cornerstone Curriculum Project (my students will receive a 10% discount from Cornerstone; E-mail me for the code) or other sources:

Starting Points Syllabus
Answers for Difficult Days
Know What You Believe
How to Read Slowly
Chronicles of Narnia – The Magician’s Nephew, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, and The Horse and His Boy
Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde
The Deadliest Monster
Know Why You Believe
Mere Christianity
Never Before in History