Middle School Spanish

Middle School Spanish 2020-2021

Wednesdays, 1:00-3:00

Instructor: Brenda Lau      blauspanish@gmail.com      713-201-6074                             

Class Tuition: $500 per year or 10 equal installments of $50

Supply Fee: $40 per year, due at registration

 *NOTE: There is a minimum of 5 students required for this class to progress.

Course Description: This course will be the equivalent to one semester of  Spanish 1 High School course. This class is geared towards students who have studied Spanish in the elementary levels or have prior knowledge of Spanish. The purpose of this course is to complete the equivalent of a full year of high school Spanish 1, in two years of middle school Spanish. It is an introduction to understanding, speaking, reading, and writing Spanish. Students acquire language functions, vocabulary, structures and culture through contextualized presentation, interactive activities and extensive laboratory practice. Students should be expected to work on assignments at home at least 3-4 hrs each week.

Required Materials:
Textbook TBD
3 ring binder to keep notes, handouts and homework assignments

Set of colored markers or pencils
Flash/index cards