9-10 World History

9-10 World History  2019-2020 

Mondays, 10:30-12:30 *CLOSED*

Instructor: Cheryl Hochstettler        misscheryl.cpc@gmail.com

Class Tuition: $550 per year or 10 equal installments of $55

Supply Fee: $40 per year, due at registration

*NOTE: There is a minimum of 6 students required for this class to progress; maximum is 14.

Course Description:  This class will cover the history of the world, guiding students through a consequential timeline of history, beginning with creation and continuing to present-day.  Key themes visited will be: Justice, Power, Citizenship, Environment, and World Religion.   Expanded studies will include Africa, the East, the Americas prior to colonization; also African, Indian, and Asian empires.   Students should be expected to work on assignments at home at least 4 days / 6 hours each week.

Required Materials:  BJUP World History 5th Edition.  Student Text, Student Activities Book, Test Booklet




Supplies: pocket folder, pencils, notebook paper.