5-6 World Geography

5-6 World Geography 2021-2022

Wednesdays, 10:30 – 12:00 

Instructor:  Dee Pendergast       d.pend4@gmail.com

Class Tuition:  $450 per year or 10 equal installments of $45

Supply fee:  $50 due at registration

*NOTE: Class minimum is 8; class maximum is 15.

Course Description: Students will explore the world while learning geography, language, culture, map skills, and Christian heritage. This class will be hands-on and activity-based with maps, review questions, projects, and other activities. This class will provide a context to aid students in their future world studies.  Students should expect to work on assignments at least two to four hours each week.

Required Supplies:
Children’s Atlas of God’s World https://www.masterbooks.com/childrens-atlas-hardback-single
Passport to the World https://www.masterbooks.com/passport-to-the-world-hardback-single
180 Days of Geography, 5th Grade – https://www.christianbook.com/180-days-geography-for-fifth-grade/9781425833060/pd/833062?product_redirect=1&search_term=180%20days%20of%20geog&Ntt=833062&item_code=&ps_exit=PRODUCT%7Clegacy&Ntk=keywords&event=ESRCP
3-ring binder with dividers
Colored Pencils