Class Progression

Below is the progressive class schedule for a student taking classes in the subjects offered at CPC. Please be aware that not all classes are offered each year. This is just the sequence we recommend for students taking these course subjects. In some subjects it is best to follow the sequence closely (math and language), but in other subjects, like science and history, families often switch the sequence based on what classes are being offered each year. See Class Schedule for classes offered each year.

Language Arts / Humanities Sciences History  Math Foreign Languages
Kindergarten Class – Reading & Integrated Subjects  Kindergarten   Kindergarten  K Class
 First Grade Class – Reading  & Integrated Subjects  First  Grade Integrated Class  First Grade Integrated    Class  First Grade Integrated Class
 Second Grade – Reading &  Integrated Class Second Grade Integrated Class   Second Grade            Integrated Class Second Grade Integrated Class
 3-4 Creative Writing (Pudewa)  3-4 Science Club    3-4 History
 5-6 Shurley English or IEW Writing  & Grammar  5-6 Science Bob  Jones 5    5-6 History  4-6 Elementary Spanish
 5-6 Eastern Literature and  Missions  5-6 Science Bob  Jones 6  5-6 American History  or Civics / Social  Studies
 7-8 Language Arts 7-8 BJ Life Science  7-8 Texas History or  American History Saxon Algebra 1/2
 8-9 Starting Points or
9-10 Composition
 9 Integrated  Chemistry &  Physics  See Humanities courses for continued progression Saxon Algebra 1
Worldviews of the Western World  I  or  9-10 Composition Apologia Biology     ”                   “ Saxon Geometry HS Spanish  One
 Worldviews of the Western World  II or 11-12 Advanced Technical  Writing  Apologia  Chemistry or  Marine Science     ”                        ”
9-12 Government and  Economics
 Saxon Algebra-II  HS  Spanish  Two
 Worldviews of the Western World  III or 11-12 Advanced Technical  Writing  Marine Science  or Chemistry     ”                            ”
9-12 Government and  Economics
 Saxon Advanced Math (Pre-Calc)    HS    Spanish  Three