Guitar Lessons 2019-2020

Mondays and Wednesdays (30 minute private lessons)  

*Note: Please contact Mr. White before registering to check available times for the private lessons.

Instructor: Christopher White       832.428.1173          

Class Tuition: $650 per year or 10 equal installments of $65

Supply Fee:  $30 per year, due at registration for first time students.  $15 per year, for returning students.

Course Description: This class will focus on three main points: technique, repertoire and music fundamentals. Each week the students will be given songs and exercises to practice at home. The students will be instructed in practice and performance habits. We will discuss and study music compositions to better understand how music works harmonically and rhythmically. The main purpose of the this course is to provide each student with the tools to be able to perform in a live setting. The primary curriculum used will be Essential Elements for Guitar. Each student will be given assignments from the workbook as well as individual assignments. Each student must purchase the book as well as provide their own guitar.

Required Materials: Essential Elements for Guitar