Algebra I

Saxon Algebra 1  2017-2018

Mondays, 1:00 – 3:00

Instructor: Ruthie Taft  

Class Tuition: $500 per year or 10 equal installments of $50

Supply fee: $30 per year, due with registration

Prerequisites: Successful (an A or B average) completion of Saxon Algebra ½, Saxon 87 or an 8th grade math course.

*NOTE: There is a 5 student minimum for this class to progress. Maximum enrollment is 20 students.

Course Description: Students will develop the understanding they need to solve more complex problems and functions with this step-by-step course. Covered topics include signed numbers, exponents, and roots; absolute value; equations and inequalities; scientific notation; unit conversions; polynomials; graphs; factoring; quadratic equations; direct and inverse variations; exponential growth; statistics; and probability.

Required Materials: graph paper or notebook paper, pencils, binder or folder
Saxon Algebra 1 text book – 3rd edition, test booklet, and answer key