7-8 Texas History

7-8 Texas History 2017-2018

Mondays, 10:30 – 12:30

Instructor: Cheryl Hochstettler     misscheryl.cpc@gmail.com   or  832-631-5458

Class Tuition: $500 per year or 10 equal installments of $50

Supply Fee: $50 per year, due at registration

*NOTE: There is a 6 student minimum for this course to progress; maximum is 12 students.

Course Description: We will learn all about the great state of Texas and its colorful history. Using a core text plus supplemental books and literature, this course will help make Texas history alive, interesting, and entertaining for your student. There will be lots of discussion and map work, plus some debate and activities. Two projects will be assigned: one geography-based and one biography-based. Students will be expected to give a speech and presentation for each of these. Regular tests and homework will be given.

Required Material: Texas State History from a Christian Perspective (student booklet)
Texas Animals (State History Series)
Texas Government and Economics (State History Series)
Check out www.rainbowresource.com for these books

Johnny Texas by Carol Huff
Trail Fever by D.J. Lightfoot
Explorers in Early Texas by Betsy Warren
A Texas Sampler by Lisa Waller Rogers
The Boy in the Alamo by Margaret Cousins
It Happened in Texas by James Crutchfield
Literature books can be found used on Amazon, Half-price Books, SCCHE Annual Book Sale, or Rainbow Resource.

Required Supplies: 2 pocket folders, 3-ring binder (to be maintained at home), notebook paper, pencils, colored pencils